Debut album “In Darkness We Wait” completed.

Barra Xul’s debut album “In Darkness We Wait” is completed. The album has been sent to Dan Swano @ Unisound Studios in Sweden for Mastering and should ready for release within the next couple weeks. The album consists of 7 songs with a run time of 35 minutes.

Album track listing is as follows :

01 – Imitating Infection
02 – The Lament Configuration
03 – Illusion of Murder
04 – Disintegrate, Reintegrate
05 – Nyturan Demonta
06 – Submit to Authority
07 – Resonating Darkness

If you wish to own a physical copy of this album, we are offering 2 weeks of order time from release, for you collectors. The album will be released via mp3 for the world, and
physical discs will be obtained after the order option has expired, which will be 2 weeks after release. We recommend just downloading the album, which will come with the artwork included, but we know some people still insist on cds in this digital era and that’s why this option is being given. This will give people an opportunity to listen to the album and decide if they want to buy a physical copy.

If you wish to order a copy of the album, you can do direct e-mail money transfers to corey[at] (Canada Only) or pay via Paypal (World) by clicking the “Buy Now” button below :


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